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The President in a Corvette - Issue 97

Manolo MarquinaComment
The President in a Corvette - Issue 97

1. A father, a dying son, and the most profound video game ever

Joel was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer after his first birthday. The doctors gave him four months. But time eventually passed. Marked by the Rollercoaster live they've been living, his father decided to create a video game about this.

Here is what you see in it: "a young boy, his facial features obscured, feeding bread crumbs to a duck, while his parents explain to his brothers why his treatment has left him unable to speak at age 2; a man sitting at a picnic table, ruminating on what his son must be experiencing without the words to express it; a playground, where the boy rocks on a toy horse, swings, giggles, spins on a carousel, then disappears; a path to a beach, where the boy is now strapped to a gurney, his tiny body hooked up to machines, the water filled with bobbing, gnarled tumors; the shadow of a dragon against the sea; a flight through the window of a hospital; a doctor telling the family that a recent MRI shows the boy’s tumors have returned; a nurse assuring them that the staff is very good at end-of-life care; the boy’s parents sitting still and silent while the room fills with water; the boy, now sitting in a rowboat, wearing a tiny life jacket that doesn’t look sufficient to protect him".

Behind the quest of creating the most profound video game ever.

A moving story

—> That Dragon, Cancer

2. A Stingray and a President

Jerry Seinfeld interviews Barack Obama over a cup of coffee. In his Car. A 63' Corvette Stingray. Awesomeness all over the place.

—> Comedians in Cars

3. The Bots are Coming

To make "better" decisions you might chat with a Bot soon, instead talking to a friend or opening a simple app. Bots are here, they’re learning and in 2016, they might eat the web.

—> The search for the killer Bot

4. Where color comes from and life on Mars

Pantone is the standard for most Artists and Designers to define colors and make sure blue is actually blue. But how does Pantone create those colors? Who makes the colors look how they should?

—> Inside the Pantone color factory, where the world gets its colors

Another short video from Quartz: The real reason NASA wants to find life on Mars

—> Why life on Mars matters

5. What happens when you reply to spam email?

We all hate them - Spam E-mail. They pop up in our inboxes and are usually deleted shortly after. Writer and Comedian James Veitch does it differently.

He replies to the Spammer, creating hilarious and weeks-long conversations.

—> This is what happens when you reply to spam email