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History on a Timeline - Issue 99

Manolo MarquinaComment
History on a Timeline - Issue 99

1. Horizontal History

Once again, a fantastic piece from one of my favoutite Bloggers, Tim Urban. "Normally, we learn about history’s storylines in isolation. We might have a strong sense of the history of physics breakthroughs or the progression of western philosophical thought or the succession of French rulers—but we’re not as clear on how each of these storylines relate to each other."

To make the relations in history visible, he looked at history in a different way. The results are eye opening.

—> Horizontal History

2. Shortness of Life

Busyness and the art of living wide rather than living long. Roman philosopher Seneca’s spectacular 2,000-year-old paper. A reminder of what we so deeply intuit yet so easily forget and so chronically fail to put into practice. Blogger Maria Popova made some notes about Senecas Masterpiece.

"Life is Long if you know how to use it."

—> Seneca on Busyness

3. Art in the Dark

The struggle for art in a world obsessed with popularity. For Artists, the pressure of immediate success is huge. In times of likes, clicks, and views, many forget that success can come from quiet places too.

—> Painting in the Dark

4. Nano Impressions

It is incredible the talent this actor has. Even with minimal acting, you will recognize the artists he's referring to immediately.

—> Nano-Impressions

5. Swan Division

This is what you get mixing Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" Ballet with "Transmission" from Joy Division.

—> Joy Division & Swan Lake mashup