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What are animal eyes used for? - Issue 98

Manolo MarquinaComment
What are animal eyes used for?  - Issue 98

1. Look through their eyes

"If you ask people what animal eyes are used for, they’ll say: for the same thing as human eyes. But that’s not true. It’s not true at all."

Dan-Eric Nilsson is contemplating the eyes of a box jellyfish. Nilsson’s eyes, of which he has two, are ice blue and forward facing. In contrast, the box jelly has 24 eyes, which are dark brown and grouped into four clusters called rhopalia. It looks like a golf ball with tumors. "When I first saw them, I didn’t believe my own eyes,' says Nilsson."

—> Nature’s Most Exquisite Creation

2. Judging the Internet before it consumes us

The Digital Art Movement might be more important than you think. Art helps us see the Value of our culture. And understanding the Value of the Internet, before they're dictated by algorithms, might be one of the most important things our generation can do.

—> The Aesthetics of Internet Art

3. How to reach your goals

It’s the new year and you’ve decided that the new you is going to be a Rolls-Royce-driving, bikini-pool-party throwing, Dom-Perignon-chugging motherfucker. And now what? A very insightful read about goal setting, habits, adoption and everything in between. A Productivity must read.

—> Goals

4. How social networks can trick your mind

An analogy. If you measure the height of all your male friends, you’ll find that the average is about 170 centimeters. Your friends will be about the same height as you are. But imagine that one of your friends was much taller than you — say, one kilometer or 10 kilometers tall. This person would dramatically skew the average, which would make your friends taller than you, on average. It will make you feel small. Precisely this situation occurs in social networks.

—> The Social-Network Illusion

5. A song for Bond

The newest addition to the James Bond franchise, Spectre, won a Golden Globe for its theme song. While filming the movie, Radiohead was part of the music auditions and had a chance to record the song. Unfortunately, they've got rejected. Good for us, Radiohead decided to put the song online.

—> Radiohead's unused song