Manolo Marquina

No. 111 - What If You Have No Memory?

Manolo Marquina
No. 111 - What If You Have No Memory?


No Memories

Susie McKinnon is happily married, working full time and living a good life. But one thing sets her apart. She has no memories of her life. She hasn't lost her memory; She’s never been able to have one. McKinnon is the first human ever identified with a condition called "severely deficient autobiographical memory."

“I don’t remember being shorter or smaller or having to reach up for things. I have no images or impressions of myself as a kid.”

Similar to the Pixar Movie Inside Out, where the main character loses her core memories and collapses into nothingness. What happens to a real person, if you've never been able to collect any core memories at all?

—> In A Perpetual Present


Minecraft Generation

The New York Times with a great Article on how a clunky Swedish computer game is teaching millions of children to master the digital world.

"For one thing, it doesn’t feel like a game. It’s more like a destination, a technical tool, a cultural scene, or all three put together: a place where kids engineer complex machines, shoot videos of their escapades, make art. It’s a world of trial and error and constant discovery, obscure text commands and hidden recipes. And it runs completely counter to most modern computing trends."

—> Minecraft


Can You Draw a Bicycle?

Before you click on the link, grab a pen, some paper and draw a bicycle using only your memory.

Gianluca Gimini did this activity with more than 500 people. With the results in hand, he created digital renderings of some of the weirdest, impractical designs. Welcome to the fabulous project Velocipedia. (You need to scroll a bit to see the renderings).

—> Velocipedia


Riding Turtles And Zebras In London

A rather funny biography of a very, very rich man. "Some men shoot tigers. Some men love bears. Walter Rothschild, heir to one of the greatest banking fortunes in history, had the largest zoological collection ever amassed in private hands.

—> zoological obsessions


How Stuff Works

I've never thought to learn so much by looking at Gifs. How loudspeakers, car engines, the moonwalk or tarantulas work. Explained by impressively designed Gifs.

—> Animagraffs