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This is the Future (you're old) - Issue 96

Manolo MarquinaComment
This is the Future (you're old) - Issue 96

1. This is the Future

The new year just started. This time around, I like to take a moment and revisit the past while making sense of where we are. It puts things in perspective.

This article does that in a fascinating way. Did you know, the day when "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" aired in cinemas, was closer to the Second World War than today?

Yep, we're old.

—> You’re in the Future

++ talking about perspective. Everyone on Earth is actually your cousin.

—> Everyone is our cousin

2. African Fashion made in the Netherlands

The trendiest African textiles and prints are designed and produced in the Netherlands by a company called Vlisco. Hugely popular in Africa since the late 1800s. Their Patterns have great names like "Love Bomb" or "Tree of Obama" and spot deep cultural meanings.

—> These textiles tell a cultural history

+ A deep dive into the Vlisco.

—>Made in Holland: The Chanel of Africa

3. Drunk People and Renaissance Art

Joel Goodman took a picture on new year's eve. It shows the police arresting some guy. After uploading it to a public forum, it went viral. People started to see more than just the subjects in the picture. They began to compare it to Renaissance art. Internet, Thank you!

—> This Photo Of People Falling Over On New Year’s Eve Is Being Compared To Renaissance Art

4. Keep on Walking

If you want to get to know the place you live in, what about starting to walk around? It might be as simple as that. Have a look at the video about the two men, which are walking on every street in New York City.

—> The men walking every block in New York City

5. Apps to Download for 2016

This sarcastic List of "App's to download" made me laugh. It tells a lot about our society.

—> Apps to Download for 2016