Manolo Marquina

No. 110 - 💰💰💰

Manolo Marquina
No. 110 - 💰💰💰

01. Money, Money, Money

Germany's Süddeutsche Zeitung, Fusion, and 400 Journalists released the biggest Data leak in the history of journalism last week.
11.5 million documents and 2.6 terabytes of information from one Offshore Company, Mossack Fonseca, show us how banks, legal firms and others secretly manage and hide the estates and money of the world's richest. But it's not just about hiding money, they help drug dealers, criminals and terrorists finance their activities.

Learn about the who, what and when here:
—> Video Introduction
—> English Articles (Fusion)
—> German Articles (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

What do offshore bank accounts of the international elite have to do with violent extremism and terrorism?

—> Corrupt Roots

Behind the scenes: the Story about the Panama Papers. How everything came together.
—> About the papers

02. Flag Stories

This site explores all the flags of our world in every possible way and presents the results and beautiful and interesting infographics.
"We started looking at all the flags in the world and squeezed all the data we could gather into a blank spreadsheet. The more we dug into it, the more stories we managed to reveal."

—> Flag Stories

03. How observant are you?

Who Killed Lord Smithe? Test your awareness, can you spot the changes?
—> Whodunnit

04. Who is John Baldessari?

Tom Waits will tell you in this 6min. short.
—> A Brief History of the artist John Baldessari

05. New Week, New Art

Shawn Hucking paints traditional oil paintings. Once finished, he slams modern texts on top of it. I can't stop browsing his Instagram feed.

—> Shawn Huckins

++ New Week, New Music
—> Clap! Clap! - Playfulness