#71 - Where are all the Aliens?

#71 - Where are all the Aliens?

1. The Fermi Paradox

Is it dark outside? Look up to the sky. Right there, between the stars. Nothing. There is nothing. No Spaceships. No Aliens. Emptiness. 

If this seems silly to you, hold on for a second.

For every star in the enormous Milky Way, there is an entire galaxy somewhere else. This means that for every grain of sand on Earth, there are 10,000 stars our there. Can all of that be empty? But If not, where are the Aliens? 

Welcome to the Fermi Paradox.

This in-depth article explains all the theory behind this question. Very insightful and written by the mastermind of WaitbutWhy. If you're feeling lazy, there is a video explainer to watch.


2. Whittier

The only way to reach the small city of Whittier, Alaska is a long, claustrophobic drive through a mountain. This short Documentary finds out why this city makes this remote location their home and why all its citizens live in one single building. 


3. Music for your Soul 

"in Colour", the much anticipated Debut Album by Jamie XX, was finally released.  Listen to the preview right now!


4. Ways to be productive

Apparently there are four types of productivity styles. The Prioritizer, the Planner, the Arranger and the Visualizer. This article helps you out finding your individual style, the Methods you can use and tools to help you in your Day. 


5. Origami Robots

Self-folding robots that can walk around, carry objects and swim. Stunning.