No. 105 - The Places You Should Visit This Year

No. 105 - The Places You Should Visit This Year

1. 52 places to visit

The New York Times did it again. From ancient temples to crystalline waters, they selected their favorite destinations to visit this year. If I'm lucky, I can visit one of them but hey, everyone needs a little daydream here and there. A beautiful collection.

—> 52 Places to Go in 2016

2. Silicon Valley Hustle

The New York Times went on a photographic journey to show us personal stories out of the San Francisco Startup Scene.
They often live on the cheap while working on their companies.
They work long hours with hopes to build empires. For every success story, there will be many more failures. Yet most of these dreamers believe that those who deserve to succeed will do so.

—> Silicon Valley Hustle

3. Factory Workers and Killer Shoes

During the 1970s and ’80s in South Korea, industrial expansion and urbanisation changed the lives of factory workers forever. This short documentary reveals the changed living conditions of South Koreans.

"They questioned us why we need to use the public bath twice a month."

—> Bikini Words

4. Drunk Hipster

A short movie with a new take on Choreography.

—> Just Dance

5. Art at Altitude

Simon Beck specializes in making ornate snow murals with just his snowshoes. The murals take at least an entire day to complete, and to see them, you have to take to the skies. Blew my mind.

—> Snow Murals in the Mountains