#70 - RE LAUNCH - Our society and a charming pencil

#70 - RE LAUNCH - Our society and a charming pencil

01.  The story of our society 

What happens with our society, if people do not accept more than 2/3 of their neighbors being different in culture or race? Vi Hart and Nicky Case created a playable masterpiece that lets you make a society happy by rearranging it. A very slight bias against difference leads to total segregation.


02.  The last days of Peter Bergmann

In 2009, a man calling himself Peter Bergmann arrived in an Irish town with a plan to disappear forever. For three days, Security cameras filmed him leaving the hotel with plastic bags and returning with nothing. On the fourth day, he was gone. 

When it was later revealed that no Peter Bergmann ever existed, local authorities were left with an unanswerable question: who was this man?



03.  A charming pencil

Being simple, yet at the same time charming and incredibly creative is not an easy task. One guy that manages to do this every time is the Illustrator and Artist Christoph Niemann. Have a look at his pencil drawings and don't miss out on his inspiring weekly challenges.   



04.  Robotic Arms

Les Baugh lost both of his arms when he was a teenager. Engineers are trying to give them back, as a robotic prosthetic. Custom sockets pick up his brain signals to control the arms just by thinking about the movements.



05.  Better Sandwiches

Let's embrace it, your homemade sandwiches suck. They're just not satisfying (at least that's what my son said to me).
With a mission to help us end this sandwich misery, the NYT talked to chefs and butchers, surfacing the best recipes and techniques to make fabulous sandwiches.
You're welcome.