#72 - Demystifying Code, Bees and Microbes

#72 - Demystifying Code, Bees and Microbes

01.  What is Code? 

What does it mean to code something, to be a programmer, what can we do with this and does it affect us?

Code runs our world, our products and yet, most of us don’t understand it. Coding needs to be demystified, explained. 

Bloomberg wants to stop the ignorance. They released a 38’000 Word heavy Article last week, a beast of an Article. I’m not done with it yet, but it is awesome and eye opening. According to everyone on the internet, you have to give it a try!


02.  Lost

Three Friends set out, in a small boat, to a nearby island. The gas ran out, and they started drifting apart. 51 Days later a fisherman found them waving for help.
The danger was not just the ocean, they had to survive each other.


03.  Beehive

Do you have a 64 seconds to spare? Spend them watching this video showing you the first 21 Days of a Bee’s life. 


04.  Is it bad to be brown?

37 difficult questions from a mixed-race son.


05.  A child's hand

A Mother sampled her 8-year-old son's hand when he came home from playing outside. Then she cultured the microbes that came off.