No. 107 - Is Basic Income a Good Idea?

No. 107 - Is Basic Income a Good Idea?

01. Is basic income a good idea?

Real unemployment, including the "under-employed", is raising in many countries. Jobs are often considered as "gigs" with no benefits and few protections. And computers will do most jobs in the future anyway. One Study shows that 47% of jobs are at risk.

The thing that allowed families and individuals to prosper is under attack. Work is losing its value.

One possible solution is getting a lot of supporters in recent time. A universal basic income (UBI) - where the state gives everyone enough money to live.
Supporters claim it would free us, allowing everyone to benefit from automation. It would leave us more time for creative and fulfilling things. There are several UBI trials planned in Finland, Switzerland, and Canada. This year, Switzerland is set to vote on a referendum that would require the government to pay its citizens about $2,800 a month.

Critics of UBI say it's unaffordable and impractical. Maybe they're right.

The mistake many do is comparing UBI to our lives and systems we have today. Basic income is one way to make sure everyone survives structural employment changes in the future.

Fast.Co on the importance of UBI
—> Welcome To The Post-Work Economy

++ Silicon valley is conducting experiments to proof if people would turn into lazy couch potatoes if they would receive a basic income or not.
—> Silicon Valley investors and UBI

++ Others are against it.
Here's a good case on why robots will NOT take over our jobs.
—> The automation myth

What do you think?

02. The violin thief

A crazy story. Philip Johnson was a promising musical genius. Then he stole a teacher’s prized Stradivarius, worth millions. He kept it a secret for 31 years.

—> The violin thief

03. Playmobil

This factory produces thousands of Playmobil pieces every day.
A jaw-dropping Photo series.

—> inside playmobil malta

04. The story of Kinfolk

Journalist Kyle Chayka tries to understand the meaning of lifestyle magazines by telling the story of the omnipresent magazine Kinfolk. You can read it in almost every In-Cafe, Hipster Clothing store and trendy furniture place.
Many other Indie-Magazines are trying to copy what Kinfolk started. But most don't know about Kinfolk' roots, involving Mormonism, which created the dominant aesthetic of the decade with perfect lattes and avocado toast

—> The Last Lifestyle Magazine

05. Evolution and your Body

I bet you will look at your arms wrist after seeing this short clip.

—> Proof of evolution that you can find on your body