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Fight Like A Man - Issue 102

Manolo MarquinaComment
Fight Like A Man - Issue 102

1. What does it mean to "be a man"?

Journalist Thomas McBee wasn't born as such. After his transition and becoming a man, the question was suddenly more present than ever. In a quest to find answers, he signed up for a boxing match and started an empirical investigation of the extremes of masculinity.

He ends up as the first transgender man ever to fight in Madison Square Garden. A moving and thought provoking story.

—> Fight like a man

2. Fear of Screens

Why would anyone want to believe that people who are communicating with phones have forgotten what friendship is? An essay on the fear of failing our social connections because of technology. There goes your next water cooler discussion

—> Fear of Screens

3. Idea Dept

An everyday issue of mine - Idea Dept. It's when you spend more time thinking about doing the work than actually doing the work.

—> Imagining Your Future Projects Is Holding You Back

4. Drones and Art

“Flatland” is a cinematic series of drone footage, digitally manipulated, which seem to fold over on themselves.

—> Flatlands

5. Taxidermy and Art

Watching the artist Rose Robson creating swarm-like sculptures from different bird skins is equally disturbing and fascinating.

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