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Rivalries and Pigeon Sex - Issue 101

Manolo MarquinaComment
Rivalries and Pigeon Sex - Issue 101

1. Pigeons

An award-winning short documentary about "competitive bird flying" in Scotland. In their words: " The sport of competitive pigeon flying (or ‘doo fleein’, in the parlance of its practitioners) is a centuries-old Scottish tradition, and the pursuit of no more than about 1,000 Scots. It requires expertise in all things pigeon but essentially boils down to luring an opponent’s birds into a sexual rendezvous with your own pigeons. "

—> Pouters

2. Roboparking

Experts expect that fully autonomous vehicles will hit the consumer market as early as a decade from now. What implications will Self-Driving cars have on parking and the public space? An Interesting exploration of technology and its effects on city planning and urban spaces.

—> No Parking Here

3. Ice finger of death

Brinicles are a bizarre underwater phenomenon. The temperature in a brinicle is well below 0C, causing the water to freeze and move downwards. It freezes everything it touches, including sea urchins and starfish. A BBC Crew, equipped with timelapse cameras, recorded the first ever footage of a brinicle forming. Jaw-dropping

—> 'Brinicle' filmed in Antarctic

4. A House for 20'000$

How do you design a home that someone living below the poverty line can afford, but that anyone would want—while also providing a living wage for the local construction team that builds it?

In January, architecture students at Rural Studio finished their first pilot project in the real world. But the bigger challenge is fitting a house that's entirely different than normal into the existing system of zoning laws. It's hard to get permissions to build something people don't understand.

—> This House Costs Just $20,000—But It’s Nicer Than Yours

5. Hand Gestures of Davos

"An examination of people talking with their hands at the World Economic Forum."

—> Hand Gestures of Davos