Manolo Marquina

A Thought Experiment - Issue 93

Manolo Marquina
A Thought Experiment - Issue 93

1. A Thought Experiment

Imagine this: Someone cast a spell on our world. All man-made Objects vanish, and everything is restored back to pre-human times. No houses, no clothes nothing but nature. The humans are unchanged; all knowledge is still here.

The only way to end the spell is to create a perfectly functioning iPhone 6s.

What will happen and how long will it take?

—> The iPhone Thought Experiment

2. The Fondue Conspiracy

I just had my fourth Fondue this year. While still digesting the melted fat, i wanted to find out where it all started. NPR did a radio show all about the topic. Interesting, the success of melted swiss cheese was planned from the beginning, by a cartel of Swiss cheese makers.

—> The Fondue Conspiracy

3. Bitnik

Livestreaming a card box' travel to Julian Assange or creating an automated Bot that randomly purchases drugs from dark corners of the web. ArtNews opens the doors for us to get a look at the works of Swiss Digital Artists !Mediengruppe Bitnik.


4. Action Bias

Most of us think that to achieve something, we need to do something, even if that action can be counterproductive. This cognitive behaviour is called Action Bias. We feel highly uncomfortable doing nothing, even if that would be the smartest decision.

Aeon explains this in more detail, using the analogy of a goalie, defending against penalty kicks.

—> To dive or not to dive

5. Save the world

If you want to save the world, click below. Remember to keep clicking.

—> clickheretosavetheworld