Manolo Marquina

No. 108 - How To Fight Terrorism

Manolo Marquina
No. 108 - How To Fight Terrorism

01. What is wrong with Brussels and how to fight terrorism

"What we feared has happened." That was Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel as he the condemned the latest terrorist attack in Europe. The fight against terrorism seems hopeless. But maybe, we should just fight them in the same way we fight other criminals. A retired Navy Seal officer wrote a short piece on how to beat terrorism. "Take Afghans, for example. When the Taliban detonates a bomb on the streets of Kabul, the mess is cleaned up, windows are repaired that same day, and business resumes with a stunning reset to normalcy."

"The most important step is to deny them the political change they seek. In this context of the Islamic State group, it means rejecting their narrative of a pending clash of civilizations. It can be counterintuitive, particularly in the emotional wake of tragedy, but the most effective antidote to jihadist terrorism is to police them as criminals, assimilate minorities and get back to business."

—> How the Terrorists Lose

++ The real problem isn't radical Islamists. It's "Islamized" radicals. How Belgium’s jihadism problem got so bad —> Things to read to understand how Belgium became a terrorism hub

++ Refugee children offer their sympathies to Brussels —> Sorry for brussels

02. The parrot in a witness protection program

Echo, the parrot, was owned by a New Orleans crime boss and he’d been at the wrong place at the wrong time, seen something he wasn’t supposed to, and wouldn’t stop talking about it. All this chatter meant he was making himself into a potential target.

A crime story.

—> The Strange Tale of Echo, the Parrot Who Saw Too Much

03. Design in Tech Report

John Maeda doubles down by delving deep into design trends. For all of us who use a computer or mobile device, great design is changing how we live and work. This report helps explain why.

—> Design in Tech Report 2016

04. Skateboard !

Richie reminds us that there are no rules in skateboarding.

—> death skateboards

05. Why Didn’t People Smile in Old Photos?

Black and white pictures from way back, in which the subjects are somberly staring into space. The expressions are expressionless.
Ever wondered why?

—> Why Didn’t People Smile in Old Photos?