Manolo Marquina

Your Face Could Help Humanity - Issue 92

Manolo Marquina
Your Face Could Help Humanity - Issue 92

1 Are Selfies good for humanity?

"Your selfie is an artifact and a gift. People in your own time might not see it that way. They will call you narcissistic for giving birth to hundreds, maybe thousands, of fractured little selves. They will wonder why you need so much confirmation, so much attention, so much visibility. They will experience your face as an assault. Pay them no mind. Your selfie has already ventured off to the future, where all of us are dead."

A fresh perspective to think about our Selfie Culture. Our grandchildren may use selfies in history books, to look back to our lives.

So, back to Instagram, need to make history.

—> The Revolutionary Potential of Your Face, in Seven Chapters

+++ To help you with your selfies, take this and this.

2. The Myth of Organic Agriculture

Most of us would prefer a fresh Tomato from a local Farmer' Market than the industrially produced one from the supermarket. But is it really better? What does "better" actually mean? Or is it, in the end, just our romantic dream about authenticity?

Your food for thought is served. Enjoy.

—> Splat goes the theory

3. Glitched Rugs

Wonderfully Glitched-Out Contemporary Rugs, made from Traditional Azerbaijani Textiles.

—> Glitched Rugs

4. The Doomsday Invention

Will artificial intelligence bring us utopia or destruction? The NewYorker tries to find answers.

—> Doomsday Invention

5. Lost At Sea

Salvador Alvarenga was hit by a storm while fishing off the coast of Mexico. He lost control and disappeared, for 438 days.

—> Lost At Sea