Manolo Marquina

What ISIS Really Wants - Issue 91

Manolo Marquina
What ISIS Really Wants - Issue 91

1. What ISIS Really Wants

After the horrific attacks in Paris, people ask themselves why that happened. The Atlantic wanted to help and released an article to help us understand the Islamic State. ISIS, a religious group with carefully considered beliefs. But where did it come from, what are its intentions, are they really religious and how can we stop it?

—> What ISIS wants

+++ After reading the above, someone could blame the religion itself.

—> But consider this first

2. How it all started

ISIS has its origins in Iraq, but they would look different if it weren't because of the Syrian war. To understand current situations, you need to understand it's origins. A short video on how it all started.

—> 5-minute History of Syria and ISIS

3. Helping Others

A comic about a plane crash, inspiring for it's readers, turns out being based on a real story. And it has something to do with Start Trek.

—> It's Going to Be Ok

4. A BMX Course Like No Other

Red Bull spared no expense in shooting this video with BMX rider Kriss Kyle.

—> Kaleidoscope

5. A Medium and it's Signature

Just discovered this beautiful quote from Brian Eno about technology.

—> Signatures

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