#74 - Future of work and Obama in a garage

#74 - Future of work and Obama in a garage

I, Robot. Can I take your job? 

Experts are predicting that machines take over our jobs, ending what we know about work, for years. Well, that moment could finally be here. Could that be a good thing?

--> The world without work



Obama in a Garage

Comedian Marc Maron runs a very famous Podcast called WTF (yes, that means exactly what you think it does), where he interviews people in his garage. His recent guest was Barack Obama. In his garage. Live answering questions. On a show called WTF.

--> Hear the Podcast
--> See the photographs



No one came

A couple moved to rural Pennsylvania to open a community of like-minded people who want to live as farmers in 1800 (because why not). Turns out nobody shared their passion.

Thirty years later, they still live there. Alone.

--> They Built It. No One Came. 



First World Problems

If you've ever caught yourself using the phrase "first world problems" then you have to watch this video. 


Music for the weekend

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