#78 - Capitalism is Ending. And more

1. The end of capitalism?

This article is a blast and shared across the web like crazy.
I leave the introduction to the Guardian: "Without us noticing, we are entering the post-capitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy. The old ways will take a long while to disappear, but it’s time to be utopian."

---> The end of capitalism has begun 

2. Parenting around the world

How does Parenting look like in other countries like the Republic of Congo, India or the Netherlands? What rules do mothers and fathers need to follow? The blog "Cup of Jo" talks to parents around the globe about the differences they face from parenting in the US. It isn't broadly representative, but the stories are fascinating nonetheless.

--> Introduction to the series "Motherhood around the world."
--> Parenting in Congo
--> Parenting in India
--> Parenting in the Netherlands

3. A new Earth?

NASA has found a planet 1,400 light years away from us. It is about 60 percent larger than Earth and orbits its "Sun" in 385 days. The most Earth-like planet they've found to date.

--> Did Nasa discover Earth 2.0?

4. The best age to be

What is the best age to be? Achieving the prime of your life in your 20s, 30s or 40s? BBC examined everything from your memory to your sex drive and where the peak times lie across your life.

--> The prime of your life

5. Beautiful Furniture

--> Sideboard Wave
--> More of this

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