Manolo Marquina

No. 109 - Every Musical Genre of the World

Manolo Marquina
No. 109 - Every Musical Genre of the World

01. Every Musical Genre of the World

You will spend a lot of time on this site. It lists almost all music genres and connects them to each other, to create a musical map of our world. Click on any style to hear samples and go deeper by clicking on the arrow next to the name.

—> Every Noise

02. Hacking Political Elections

Enrique Peña Nieto was elected Mexico’s president in 2012.
“The Mexican people have given our party a second opportunity,” Peña Nieto said during an interview.
The Same day, but two thousand miles away, "Andrés Sepúlveda began destroying evidence. "He drilled holes in flash drives, hard drives, and cell phones, fried their circuits in a microwave, then broke them to shards with a hammer. He shredded documents and flushed them down the toilet and erased servers in Russia and Ukraine."

With a budget of $600,000, he and his team stole campaign strategies and manipulated social media to help Peña Nieto to victory.

Now, he tells his story for the first time.

—> How to Hack an Election

03. Do You Trust the Police? Test Yourself!

Because people are increasingly frustrated with the police, they have to wear body cameras now. But what can a Body Camera reveal and when could it even be misleading?
The NYT made a quiz for you with interesting outcomes.

—> Police Body Cameras

04. Mosh Pit Paintings

Yes - Hyper-realistic paintings of Moshpits. That's it.

—> Mosh Pits

05. Generation Fucked?

Vice magazine went on a quest around the world, to interview Millenials (Generation Y) about their personal stories.

—> Speaking to Millennials from Around the World