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#81 - Love, Lead and Pack

Manolo MarquinaComment
#81 - Love, Lead and Pack

1. Love and a deferred Kiss

A beautiful Animation, telling the story of Nikolina and her crush Marko, both living in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The war separated them until they found each other again, decades later. Touching.

—> Deferred Kiss

2. Leadership Traps

Chris Holmberg coaches Startups and Entrepreneurs on how to Lead teams, stay productive and organise thoughts. This interview is full-packed with great advice for self-improvement, life and work.

—> The 15min. Practice

3. Explosions in China

The massive explosions that hit the city Tianjin in China yesterday injured hundreds of people. The photos of the aftermath are jaw-dropping.

—> Photos of the Aftermath of the Massive Explosions in Tianjin, China

4. What is in your Bag?

The US government suggests keeping a three-day supply of essentials on hand if the world falls apart. But what essentials should someone pack? For some, that means food, for others guns. Driven by that question, the Artist Allison Stewart started the photographic series “Bug Out Bags” with fascinating looks on what people consider important to survive.

—> Bug Out Bags

5. Colorful

This is wonderful. Artist manipulates black and white photos from the first World War into Works of Fantasy.

—> Manipulated Pictures