#79 - Seeing Music and Changing Everything

#79 - Seeing Music and Changing Everything

1. What does music look like?

“When Denise Burt started designing classical music album covers, she knew nothing about the music. And that might have been to her advantage.” Fascinating to hear, see and read the process behind creating album covers.

---> What does music look like?

2. Everything will change

A disturbing outlook to possible scenarios climate change is going to bring us.

--> It’s not climate change, it’s everything change

3. War in numbers

An animated data-driven documentary about war and peace, including trends in recent conflicts. Eye-opening.

--> The fallen of world war 2

4. One song, 15 places

This guy sings his song in different places, mashing it all together. Only using natural sound effects.

--> The Wikisinger

5. Everest

Scroll along this animated article to experience the different places you would visit climbing Mount Everest.

--> Scaling Everest

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