Manolo Marquina

#77 - Saving our planet and being average

Manolo Marquina
#77 - Saving our planet and being average

1. My Job is to save our world

How does the life of a climate scientist look like, which job is to research and communicate how humanity slowly kills our planet? A view of the many politics and questions you’re exposed as a scientist.

—> When the End of Human Civilisation is your day Job

2. Speaking of Planet Earth

Speaking of saving our planet, Look at this beautiful pictures shot by a Japanese Weather satellite. “Looking down at Earth from that distance … allows a view of the globe as a massive organic system, pulsing with continuous movement.”

—> An image of Earth every 10 minutes

3. Being Average

Media and Politics tell us that every one of us can be extraordinary. We all deserve it, right? The reality can't be more different. “The fact that this statement is inherently contradictory — after all, if everyone were extraordinary, then by definition, no one would be extraordinary — is missed by most people.”

It's ok to be average.

—> In defence of being average

4. Flying Paper

Beautiful work from artist Antoine Terrieux, compiled in a short video.

—> En plain vol

5. Los Toros de San Fermin

Breathtaking pictures of the Spanish stupidity of letting Bulls run through streets.

—> Running the Bulls 2015

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