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#85 - 2,600 Years of Human Migration

Manolo MarquinaComment
#85 - 2,600 Years of Human Migration

1. Migration

1.1. Many seem puzzled about the migration conflicts happening now. Why is Europe acting like this? Why is there still war in Syria and do the Americans take care of refugees at all? Well, Vox got you covered:

—> 9 questions you were too embarrassed to ask about the refugee crisis

1.2. Reporters Paolo Pellegrin and Scott Anderson travelled with 733 Eritrean migrants on the journey across the Mediterranean Sea, from Libya to Italy. One of the most dangerous routes.

—> Desperate Crossing

1.3. Migration exists since there are humans. This interactive video explains how 2,600 years of Western culture spread across the globe.

—> Charting Culture

2. Slow Ideas

We expect important innovations, like the birth of anesthesia in 1846, to spread fast and relief humans from their pains. Plenty do. But there are even more innovations of equal importance out there, still waiting to be adopted. What leads some ideas to spread fast and others not? And can slow ideas be speed up?

—> Slow Ideas

3. News Media

Why News Media shouldn’t be your only source to understand the world. Wonderfully explained in only 2 minutes.

—> Hans Rosling Interview

4. Mercator, you’re drunk

We’re all being fooled. All of us. The standard to picture our world is the Mercator Map. But there is a huge problem with it - distortion. By morphing our globe into a 2D map, countries end up being much bigger (or smaller) as in reality. Good luck, there are tools to clean up this mess.

—> The True Size Of…

5. Casual Stormtrooper

The rich and colorful civilian life of Eric, the Star Wars Stormtrooper

—> Eric