Manolo Marquina

2015, A Year In Review - Issue 94

Manolo Marquina
2015, A Year In Review - Issue 94

It is that time of the year again. The time of the “best-of” Listicles.

1. Learnings from 2015

Tom Whitwell is a consultant and journalist. In this List, he shares the 52 learnings he's made in 2015. All of them linked to its source or Article. Fascinating!

—> 52 things I learned in 2015

2. Movies from 2015

David Ehrlich's video compilation of his favorite films of the year is always breathtakingly beautiful. The perfect resource to get your music playlist filled up for the holiday season too.

—> The 25 Best Films of 2015

++ The best of youtube videos

3. Pictures from 2015

If you're more interested in pictures, In Focus' Year in photos is what you need. It's a three-part series I look forward to every year.

—> The Year in Photos, January-April

—> The Year in Photos, May-August

—> The Year in Photos, September-December

++ Hopeful Images From 2015

4. Typography of the Year

The most impressive Font of the year. Created by a designer and a German industrial designer.

—> Coolest Font of the year

5. Hiking for Emails

Hiking two entire days to check your email? Mahabir Pun did exactly that. Once a month, for six years, he traveled two days, across the Annapurna Region of Nepal, to connect himself to the rest of us. One day, he decided to end this misery and build a network for his village himself.

—> Hiking for Emails