Issue 87 - Drones, Puzzles and Cardboard Pimping

Issue 87 - Drones, Puzzles and Cardboard Pimping

1. Drones

Last Thursday, “a source within the intelligence community" released multiple classified documents about the US drone warfare in Yemen and Somalia. It raises significant concerns about human rights violations by the US government. “The Intercept" released the full Report. On a side-note, it also looks very pleasing.

—> The Drone Papers

2. A Puzzle

Do you know how people think and make decisions? Test yourself! Very revealing and might not offer the answer you’d expect.

—> A quick puzzle to tell whether you know what people are thinking

3. How long will you live?

And how does that compare to others in the world.

—> The Population Project

4. Carboard Pimping

"This Guy Walks the Streets at Night Pimping Strangers' Rides with Cardboard"

—> Vice