Why should i have missed something?

It became challenging to find interesting and inspiring content online. Not because there is nothing, but because we are overwhelmed with too much Information.

It's noisy out there.

"You might have missed something" consists of a handful of recommendations, sent to your Inbox every weekend. Selected by a human, not an algorithm.


Email? You know the Year we live in, right? 

Sure, we use Social Media, like Facebook or Twitter, all the time.That said, we have to make sure not to get trapped in it. It is hard to keep track of the things that matter while being surrounded by noise.

Email is personal. It belongs to you, waits for you in your Inbox and is only opened by you (we still hope so). 


Before subscribing, will I like it?

You will love it - at least that's what others are saying. You need to give it a try to know.


And what do I get?

Inspiring Articles, eye-opening long form stories, new music or stunning videos. Food for thought to feed your brain. Learn something new, expand your water cooler discussions or save humanity!  It's a catch up for interesting things you simply might have missed.

Just check out the archive to get an idea.


And then you sell my email address?

No. We will never expose, share or monetize your personal information with others. We use it only to send you our NewsletterNo Spam - promised!


Glad to hear that. But I hate Email...

I've got you covered. Follow through our Medium Publication, our RSS Feed or just fire up this website every week and go through the archive.


You're Awesome!