Manuel Marquina is a writer, speaker and lecturer on all things Future of Work, Digital Ethics and Leadership. He leads and grows the sales and csm team at Evernote Europe, lectures classes at Universities, runs his startup pinfriends.co and is a member at the Think Tank of British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Father of two, dilettante Philosopher and Wannabe-Artist.

(at least that’s what he thinks)

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I’m not here right now,
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Everyone has a purpose or quest. Mine is this: We get used to shitty things.

We get used to it being hard to get around the city. We get used to repressive careers ladders and jobs. We get used to dysfunctional teams. We get used to unethical products. We get used to buying new things without purpose. We get used to being used by others.

It takes new perspectives, ideas and teamwork to keep pushing on those things. Creating such perspectives is the quest I’m following.

I do this as a People Leader, Teambuilder, Sales Manager, Growth Hacker, Digital Ethicist and Lecturer.

Partner in crime with her to this two boys, I live and work around Zürich, spending my day with my family, large amounts of Cappuccinos, reading books (currently this and this and this), and listening to my amateuresque vinyl collection, preferably from weird punk bands (but this or this or this does it too). 

Apart from my family, my time is spent here:

At Evernote, I'm leading the EMEA Sales and Customer Success teams out of the European headquarters in Zürich. I had the pleasure working with companies like Freitag, Publicis, Uber or the UK Government, increasing their productivity across teams. 

I'm a University lecturer for "Self-Management and Leadership”, "New Work Cultures", "Digital Ethics" and “Storytelling” at various Universities in Switzerland.
And i'm a Juror for the Mobile Business Award of the University of St. Gallen.

Think Tank Member at the Swiss British Chamber of Commerce
(Public Affairs Commission). 

In 2017 I Co-founded the fashion brand Pin Friends, creating small pieces of art, allowing people to express themselves. We introduce customers to exclusive collaborations with some of the most relevant independent artists and creatives. 

While studying Design at the University for the Creative Art, I run my own
Digital Magazine on work 4.0, culture, trends and how to stay productive, over at Volt & Gestalt .The Newsletter got featured by Mailchimp as outstanding and “Out of the Ordinary”.

Me, Elsewhere

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Working at

- Evernote: EMEA Sales Manager and Key Account Management
- Pin Friends: Co- Founder and Design
- Scope: Productivity Expert and Curator/ Writer
- University Lecturer: "Design for Business", "Future of Work"  and "Productivity"
- Juror: Mobile Business Award, University St. Gallen
- Member of Think Tank: Swiss British Chamber of Commerce
- Bachelor of Arts: Visual Communication and Graphic Design

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Digital Ethics


Apply Ethics to your work.

Jedes Set beinhaltet Fragen um unbeabsichtigte Folgen vorherzusehen. Nehmt diese auch zum nächsten Brainstorming oder Team-Meeting mit, um die Auswirkungen eurer Produkte besser zu verstehen.



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